Top 5 Cancers in Women

Top 5 Cancers in Women :-

GLOBOCAN 2008 database on worlwide cancer facts suggests following listed are the most common cancers in women.

1)Breast Cancer :- Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women worldwide almost double the incidence of #2. Among the subtypes, Ductular carcinoma (most common) and Lobular Carcinoma form the majority of cases. Although benign breast cancer variant Fibrodenoma is also common.Breast Self Examination and periodic Mammographies especially in women with family history is advised.

2)Cervical Cancer :- It is more common than Breast Cancer in developing countries like India. It is a cancer which occurs early in reproductive age group. Hence Pap Smears should be done periodically and is recommended to all pregnant females in early part of pregnancy. Cervical Cancer has been associated with Human Papilloma Virus HPV.

3)Colorectal Cancer :- It is more common in men than women. Multiple polyps present in the intestines due to inherited syndromes is an important cause of Colon Cancer. Ulcerative Colitis also increases the risk of Colon Cancer.

4)Lung Cancer :- Smoking is the main cause. It is much more common in women in developed countries. Non Small Cell variant is responsible for about 80% of cases while the Small cell variant is associated with 16% of cases.

5)Stomach Cancer :- Mortality to incidence ratio is high in stomach cancer. it is mostly an Adenocarcinoma, second most common variant is Lymphoma. Special appearance seen in adeno carcinoma is Signet cell appearance. Also if it spreads to ovary the metastasis are known as Krukenberg tumors.

Other common cancers in women include Ovary, Uterus, Liver and Thyroid.

Top 5 Cancers in men

Top 5 Cancers in men:-

According to GLOBOCAN 2008 data, following represent the most common cancers in worldwide :-

Lung Cancer :- It is #1 most common cancer and leads the pack when it comes the cancers affecting men. Given the fact the incidence of smoking and occupational diseases is higher in men than women its obvious.

Prostate Cancer :- Transitional carcinoma is the most common subtype. This cancer along with a condition known as “Benign Hypertrophy of Prostate” (BHP/BPH) are very common in elderly men. It being #2 reflects increase in ageing population.

Colorectal Cancer :- Very common cancer presenting with vague symptoms hence often missed or diagnosed in advance stages. It also has a strong genetic and dietary component to it.  Screening is very effective in early diagnosis and hence excellent prognosis.

Stomach Cancer :- Stomach Cancer may be associated with chronic conditions like Gastric Ulcer, Chronic Gastritis. Organism known as Helicobacter Pylori, a gram negative has been implicated as one of its causes.

Liver cancer :- Alchohol addiction is a major issue worlwide. It is one of the most important cause Liver Cancer. Other include gall bladder pathologies like stones in bile duct known as Choledocholithiasis.. Hormone Estrogen is also an important contributor to this type of cancer.


In US :-

According to CDC, top 5 cancer in Men in US are:-

1)Prostate Cancer

2)Lung Cancer

3)Colorectal Cancer

4)Bladder cancer

5)Melanoma of skin